Multi-purpose Shelter

The basic reason for constructing the shelter was in the interest of public safety. The cemetery, being built on a steep slope, constituted a hazard to traffic when the roads there in are snow packed. Additionally there is a hazard to pedestrians who must walk to the grave side service, and most of them would have to do so since it is impossible to park and observe the service.
As a result of requests, both locally and out of town, the Board expanded the shelter uses. If any family of a deceased person wishes to use the shelter, they may do so by contacting the Sexton, and the requested use must fall within the regulations prescribed by the Board of Trustees. The rules for the use of the shelter are as follows:

1. The facility may be used for committal services, graveside services, for families gathering after such services and other uses at the discretion of the Board.

2. There will be no charge for any of the above schedule uses. Parties using the shelter are responsible for cleanup of the facility after use and subject to the terms and conditions of the districts $100 refundable cleaning/security deposit.

3. Families involved in an indigent or welfare burial may schedule the use of the shelter.

4. If there is a committal or graveside service in the shelter there will be none at the grave.

5. The hours of availability of the shelter are from 8:00 a.m. To 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. If a funeral is scheduled on a Saturday arrangements must be made with the Sexton and an overtime charge for the attending cemetery personnel will be made. If more than one request for use of the shelter is received on any single day the Sexton is responsible for scheduling such use.

6. The transportation of the casket and flowers to the graveside, after services in the shelter, whether by the funeral director or cemetery personnel is at the discretion of the family.

7. If in the opinion of the Sexton, or his/her designated assistant, conditions are such that a graveside service in the cemetery is dangerous to those in attendance, the service will be held in the shelter. If such is a possibility the cemetery personnel in charge will notify the funeral director, the family, or both.

8. All uses of the shelter facility must be scheduled in advance with the Sexton.


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